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FlowTV Essays

“A Politically Correct Ethan Edwards: Clint

  1. Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales.” Westerns: Journal of Popular Film and Television Collection. Ed. By Gary Edgerton & Michael Marsden. London & New York: Routledge, 2012, 155-168.

“‘We’re in a tight spot!’: The Screwy Comedies

    of the Coen Brothers.” Journal of Popular Film

    & Television 36.3 (2008): 114  – 122.

“Beyond the Blessings of Civilization: John

    Ford’s Stagecoach and the Myth of the

    Western Frontier." Focus on Ford: The Life

    and Work of John Ford. Ed. by Michael

    Connolly & Kevin Stoehr. Jefferson, NC:

    McFarland & Company, 2007, 142 – 152.

  1. “‘It Ain’t the Movies!  It’s Real Life!’: Cinematic

  2. Alchemy in Woody Allen’s ‘Woody Allen’ D(M)oc(k)umentary Oeuvre.” Docufictions: Essays on the Intersection of Documentary and Fictional Filmmaking. Ed. by Gary D. Rhodes and John Parris Springer.  Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2006, 179 – 190.

  3. “Landscapes of Failure in John Ford’s The

  4. “Landscapes of Failure in John Ford’s The

  5.    Grapes of Wrath.” Nature and the

  6.    Environment in Film and Television:

  7.    Representations of the American West(s).

  8.    Ed. Deborah Charmichael.  Salt Lake City,

  9.    UT: University of Utah Press, 2006, 61-80.

  10. “70s Disco Daze: Paul Thomas Anderson’s

  11.    Boogie Nights and the Last Golden Age of

  12.    Irresponsibility.” Journal of Popular Culture

  13.    35.4 (2002): 49 – 60. 

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