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Images and ideas associated with falling in love abound in popular culture.  Happy couples hold hands and look at each other longingly while walking carefree along the beach.  Hearts, diamonds, and flowers.  Romance and passion.  Chocolate and cherubs.  Conversely, we associate heartbreak with all things bad.  Darkness, depression, and despair.  A solitary figure trudges silently in the rain without a jacket, soaked and despondent.  A person in pajamas with tear stained cheeks sits alone on a bed.  This cultural iconography surrounding love and heartbreak is widely prevalent.  But reality often belies the stereotype.  As the interviews in Molasses & Lemon vividly reveal, the ways people talk about their experiences with love and heartbreak are often eerily and intimately related.  Could it be that we simply can’t have one without the other?  Love.  Heartbreak.  Does it even matter?

Filmmaker’s Statement

While talking to people about love and heartbreak, I was immediately struck by the overwhelming similarity in the ways people talk about each experience.  Regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, identity, and/or preferences, people seem to experience love and heartbreak the same way.  In fact, I soon noticed a clear pattern in my interviews: people use the same language to describe both experiences.  In the end, the emotional truths of passion and disappointment are complex, universal, and inextricably intertwined.  I chose not to show our interviewees because what identifies them visually is less important than the common experience that unites their points of view.  As a result, Molasses & Lemon is as much an experimental film as it is a documentary: the traditional form is subverted in lieu of a more imagistic approach meant to help viewers align their own experiences with love and heartbreak with those that they’re seeing visualized on-screen.

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